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“I am in love with the finished products.  It makes me smile every time I open up our website to share our portfolio with prospective clients, Chris and Jasmine are amazing to work with.”

– Allison Holden-Pope, Principal Architect

One SEED Architecture + Interiors is an award winning, boutique firm that celebrates sustainable design in the spirit of West Coast minimalism. The “SEED” in One SEED stands for Sustainable, Evocative, Efficient and Distinct.

Collaborating with other skilled creatives often yields amazing results due to the shared vocabulary of design. We worked closely with One SEED founder Allison Holden-Pope to create a logo and wordmark that clearly communicated her style, design philosophy and values.

We are proud to see the logo has stood the test of time and looks as fresh as the day it was created.

Read our interview with One SEED below to learn about our collaboration process.

Fig. 1 – One SEED identity


Why did you decide to invest in a branding and website update?

A rebranding exercise was long overdue by the time we reached out to YUPLOOK. Our design studio had evolved quite a bit since we launched, and we found that our previous logos and website no longer represented our brand, nor told the story of what we were about. As an architecture and interior design firm, we know the importance of first impressions! We looked to Jasmine and Chris to help us create visuals and a sexy website to feature our work and tell the story of our studio. We are so happy with the end product. I wish we hadn’t waited so long!


Did you have any fears or concerns about the process?

It seemed like a big undertaking, which is likely why we put it off for so long. However, Chris and Jasmine were so easy to work with and the process was structured and organized, so it wasn’t overwhelming at all. In fact, it was thoroughly enjoyable! I appreciate that the process was mapped out and included research, precedents and thoughtful options at each step of the way so that the decisions came in small manageable bites with no stone is left unturned. Chris and Jasmine have complementary skills and work well as a team, so we knew the bases were always covered, whatever the issue. It was refreshing to be on the other side of the table and to watch them work their magic! I quickly learned that I could trust YUPLOOK to really listen to our feedback and come to us with clever and insightful concepts that made my heart sing!

Fig. 2 – One SEED work examples
Fig. 3 – One SEED Website


As a creative person in a technical discipline, how did you find the process of working with YUPLOOK (previously known as RXVP)?

Great question! There were a lot of parallels between the YUPLOOK process and our own when we design a custom home, which was comforting. It truly felt like a creative collaboration where our aesthetic and philosophies were wholeheartedly embraced.  When a client tells me they feel that way about their home, I know we did our job!  

Chris and Jasmine brought a positive and collaborative energy to the entire process. My most mundane questions or thoughts were received enthusiastically.  They truly listened and put the time in to understand our world and how ONE SEED is distinct in our market. I respect their artistic vision and was blown away by many of the concepts they put forward. They would pay attention to the smallest details about our practice, and find a way to layer that into the graphics or functionality of the website. It truly felt like a collaboration, with them doing all the heavy-lifting, and again we are thrilled with the work they did for us.


Do you feel the new branding and website is aligned with your vision of ONE SEED?

Absolutely. We love our logo, our business cards, our letterhead, and the website that YUPLOOK designed and executed for us at ONE SEED. They are all simple and elegant, while at the same time they have layers of functionality and help tell our story.


How has the new branding and website impacted your business?

We have had nothing but great feedback, from colleagues and clients, about our new branding and website. I do not doubt that it has helped us capture the interest of potential clients, and ultimately land them as ONE SEED clients. We have submitted our work to publications and awards in the past, but we have been getting a lot more interest from the media, and we are winning quite a few more awards now.  Submitting our work in a polished way, using the graphics and templates created by YUPLOOK, reflect the high standard of the work itself. They go hand in hand. I think most of all, the new branding and website authenticate and showcase the quality of work that we do and the rigour we bring to the design process.


What is next for ONE SEED?

We are excitedly continuing to push the envelope on modern and sustainable home designs that are inspired by the West Coast and unique for our clients. We have a few mid-century modern inspired major renovations with additions on the boards at the moment, located in Victoria, North Vancouver, and South Vancouver. As well, we are starting a unique project re-working a house that was barged from West Vancouver to Sooke! The goal is to modernize it, as well as contextualize it in its new beachfront setting. We also have several Passive House projects in various stages of development, as that is our area of specialization and our passion. We are wrapping up the design on our Dragon Passive House, a compact home and secondary suite (and laneway house) on a narrow lot in East Vancouver. Our ocean front Passive House on Vancouver Island, Pontoon Cove Eco-House, is in the midst of construction and we can’t wait to see the homeowners move in to that one. We are excited as our Birds’ Wing Passivhaus + Duplex on the west side of Vancouver is just breaking ground. That is an interesting project we just had the opportunity to share at the International Passive House Conference, as we squeezed four units (a duplex each with its own lock-off unit) on a single-family lot. Bird’s Wing exceeds the Passive House standard by also incorporating sufficient on-site generation of renewable energy to be certified as Passive House Plus. We are hoping to do more work on modern and sustainable duplex / triplex / quadplexes to address the missing middle problem in Vancouver and Victoria.     

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