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“(YupLook) has been instrumental in helping shape our brand identity over these last 5 years and we look forward to continuing this prolific partnership with them in the future. They’re the best.”

–Anique Ross, Owner

A family run brewery and tasting room who have been creating award winning beers served in a welcoming space.

The branding reflects two big Italian influences. The style, heritage, and bravado from Italian designs of the 1920’s along with the warmth of the Italian family culture. Something that spoke of Italy while retaining its own character and voice.

Luppolo was one of our first clients and it is our honour to continue collaborating with them on packaging and events. You can find their beers in many stores and bars across British Columbia or visit their tasting room in Vancouver.

Read our interview with Luppolo below to learn about our collaboration process.

Fig. 1 – “Vinello Arancia”


Can you describe your original vision for Luppolo?

Our original vision of Luppolo was always centred around the idea of community. We wanted our space and vibe to be warm and welcoming. We liked the idea of incorporating elements of vintage Italian design while still remaining modern yet approachable.

Fig. 2 – Brewery foyer (feat. Shelby)
Fig. 3 – “Summer Solstice Sesh” event
Fig. 4 – “Loophole Patio” event
Fig. 5 – “Pizza by Mordimi” promotion
Fig. 6 – “Elle’s Hefe” Hefeweizen
Fig. 7 – “Racconti” event
Fig. 8 – Growler w/ carrier


How did your team of owners come to consensus on the final logo?

That wasn’t an easy decision! We had to go through a lot of different concepts and iterations. I can still remember Chris’ notebook full of L’s! I feel like he must have been dreaming of that letter for months after that. Ultimately, if memory serves, after looking at our logo for a while it grew on us and was the one we kept coming back to. As owners, we voted to make the decision and have looked back!

Fig. 9 – “Carolina” beer
Fig. 10 – “Red Medal Deer” Northwest Red Ale
Fig. 11 – “Five Years of Beers” event
Fig. 12 – Interior neon sign (photo by Hina Mahmood)
Fig. 13 – “Cotogna” (quince) beer
Fig. 14 – “Amarena” (Batalon cherry) beer
Fig. 15 – “Ribes Nero” (black currant) beer
Fig. 16 – “Rosalba” (raspberries) beer
Fig. 17 – “Alba” saison
Fig. 18 – “Bacca Nera” (Gamay grape skins) beer

The Luppolo logo and wordmark have been applied to a number of surfaces and materials. Do you have a favorite or favorites?

It’s been 5 years now, but I still get a little thrill seeing our logo on our can and bottle labels! Especially outside of the actual brewery. I also love the logo in the board form concrete at the front of the bar.

Fig. 19 – On-site growler pull
Fig. 20 – “Cinque Sensi” & “Forage” (collaborations with Dominion, Brassneck, Coalesce, Temporal, and Juice Bar) beers
Fig. 21 – “Tart Wild Ale w/ Local Kiwis” beer
Fig. 22 – Exterior signage
Fig. 23 – “Holiday Jam” event
Fig. 24 – “Heron After” Cold IPA
Fig. 25 – “Vinello Rosa” beer


We’ve designed dozens of beer can and bottle labels for you. Do you have a personal favorite and why?

I love them all but if I had to pick, it would be the design for the bottles named after my twins, Carolina and Ottavia. The art is just so evocative an Italian coastal town. I love the colour schemes for both the night and day scenes. Probably the thing I love the most are the small differences, for example the sails on the boats being down during the night scene and seabirds on the rock that aren’t there during the day.

Fig. 26 – “Spell Unbound No.75” beer
Fig. 27 – Quattro Stagioni Membership


Which beer label has had the best customer reaction?

I think people love the Animale Series labels. They’re very eye-catching with bold colours and those very recognizable googly eyes! The animals are pretty darn cute too.

Fig. 28 – “the Wednesday Sessions…” event
Fig. 29 – “Ottavia” beer
Fig. 30 – “Missing Lynx” Midwest Hazy IPA
Fig. 31 – “Laughs at Luppolo” event
Fig. 32 – “Trivia Tuesday” event


What is next for Luppolo?

As a small business, we always have a million ideas and plans we’re working on to keep improving and providing better products and services. Right in this moment, it feel good to be able to plan events again and welcome more people back into our space. We hope to be doing more of that in the near future.

Fig. 33 – “Whale of a Pale” Westcoast Pale Ale
Fig. 34 – “When Life Gives You Lemons…” Limoncello Sour
Fig. 35 – “Ombrosa” 6 Grain Imperial Stout
Fig. 36 – Luppolo Brewing Company identity

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